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Certification Takes PMI to Industry Education Pinnacle

Tying the new Certified Professional Laundry Manager (CPLM) designation to attending the Production Management Institute (PMI) has made 2012 the best time ever to enroll in PMI. Participants will now have a professional designation to show for their commitment to graduating from the program. They will then take Web classes and undertake other career development activities to maintain their certification.

This creates a resource for our industry similar to programs I’ve seen in the environmental services and food service businesses. It provides well-deserved acknowledgment to individuals who perpetually seek to improve their understanding of the interconnected elements that impact plant production efforts.

PMI has been a winning formula since its inception over 20 years ago. Previously it consisted of three 7-day instruction periods carried out over approximately 24 months. These 21 days of classroom instruction exposed students to every facet of the plant process. Classes were presented by a combination of adult education partners from the sponsoring university and industry suppliers and members donating their time and expertise.

Students have been brought together from around the industry, traveling from the USA, Canada, and Mexico as well as from around the globe. Classes were organized into “Years 1, 2 and 3” following a curriculum of increasing in-depth subjects in subsequent years.

This type of instruction has been well received because it acknowledges that adults established in the workforce learn in different ways than young adults or children; that class content must be highly relevant and interactive. Instructors design their presentations to maximize active engagement.

The new CPLM PMI doesn’t totally reinvent the curriculum but it will further capture participants’ imaginations through breakout sessions and simulations of real-world management challenges, keeping the program fresh.
It consists of only two 7-day instruction periods carried out over 12 months. In between are required webinars. This new design creates a continuity of program elements and a shared experience between the attendees throughout the program year. Testing for the certification takes place during the second instruction period.

TRSA will soon list activities required to maintain the CPLM after it’s earned at PMI. These will likely include taking more online classes, attending education programs at TRSA meetings and conferences, conducting research, writing articles and more.

The new concept and curriculum development were based on feedback from recent PMI attendees and instructors for PMI and again will deploy progressive adult learning methods. It’s an academic experience even more valuable than the industry’s early programs that balanced classroom work with hands-on experience in a laundry.