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Clean Green Builds Companies' Reputations

TRSA's Clean Green certification program is a sustainability standard that articulates companies’ efforts to manage their environmental impact. It recognizes best practices to minimize water and energy, lower emissions, optimize routes, recycle wastes and more. There is no better way for textile services operations to demonstrate their environmental responsibility to their markets.

Increasing numbers of operators agree. Launched Jan. 30, the program is reaching the 60-plants-certified milestone. Commended facilities represent a variety of specialists, including general linen, linen/uniform mixed, uniform/dust, hospitality and healthcare. We have single-location companies, others with two or three facilities and regional and national chains. These plants are located in large metro markets as well as smaller cities and rural communities from coast to coast, in the United States and Canada and even in the Caribbean.

To be certified, companies must document average daily production in pounds against the energy and water they consume for all clean shipped products. If energy or water performance is within qualifying limits, the company applies for certification by documenting its deployment of best management practices (BMPs) listed in the Clean Green standard.

Data is submitted for all plants within an organization listing each one’s BMPs. If this submission indicates the company is qualified, it is granted Clean Green certification pending a field audit visit. If a company has one to 10 plants, one will be inspected. If it has 11 to 20 locations, two field inspections are required. For chains of more than 20, 10% will be inspected.

Field verification inspections follow the ASTM standard (E2107) for environmental regulatory compliance audits. Clean Green inspections verify the information from the application and collect evidence of compliance with standards. Field checks to date indicate that if a plant is prepared with the required evidence, the inspection takes about half a day or less.

Clean Green certified plants and organizations tell a very good story about what our industry is doing to conserve and protect natural resources. All industries are being scrutinized for their sustainable business processes. Thanks to Clean Green, our efforts to manage resources, treat waste and recycle have been highlighted. Companies with this certification are immediately identifiable in this positive light and are differentiating themselves in their markets.

Congratulations to them. If your company is not Clean Green Certified – apply today at Let’s see how fast we can get to 100 and then 1,000+ plants!