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Feds Crack Down on Illegal Hanger Imports

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency recently announced 10 decisions in Enforce and Protect Act (EAPA) investigations related to alleged evasion of anti-dumping duty orders for wire hangers and wooden bedroom furniture, according to a news release.

On Aug. 14, the CBP issued a final determination in an EAPA investigation that found substantial evidence that wire hangers were imported “through evasion.” In other words, they were transshipped from China, through Thailand, to evade anti-dumping duties, the release said.

As a result of the successful impact of the enforcement effort in this first investigation, M&B Hangers, Leeds, AL, filed an additional eight allegations of evasion regarding the transshipment of wire hangers through Malaysia. On Aug. 17, the CBP issued a consolidated notice for the decision on interim measures in those investigations. The agency cited a “reasonable suspicion” that the hangers were imported through evasion. “This was a complex and coordinated scheme, attempting to evade the antidumping duty order by transshipping wire hangers through Malaysia to the United States,” the release said.

Acting CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan praised the enforcement actions as having a significant impact on curbing import “dumping,” that threatens U.S. jobs, while denying duty revenues to federal officials. “Combined, these EAPA investigations on wire hangers have resulted in CBP preventing evasion of over $33 million in unpaid anti-dumping duties annually,” McAleenan said. “CBP continues to make trade enforcement one of our top priorities, fully utilizing all tools that Congress has provided us, such as EAPA investigative authorities provided for in the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act. This is a tremendous example of how a strong allegation from the trade enabled CBP to stop evasion and protect American jobs.” Click here for details.