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Jewison Marks 25th Anniversary at TCS

Paul Jewison, CEO of Textile Care Services (TCS), Rochester, MN, recently passed the quarter-century mark as chief executive of the plant that services the nearby Mayo Clinic and other area healthcare and hospitality clients.

“I started on July 7, 1992. I built the plant and stayed with it. I can’t believe it,” Jewison said in an e-mail to Textile Services Weekly that included his signature closing line: “America!”

Jewison began his laundry industry career in 1987 in Las Vegas, where he helped build a plant for Western Linen. Since then, that plant has passed through several owners, including Angelica and Mission Industries. Today, it serves as the corporate headquarters of Brady Linen. Working at Western Linen in the 1980s, Jewison recalls it as an “extremely wonderful place to get my engineering background.”

As his career developed, Jewison took advantage TRSA training programs to enhance his skills and networking ties with industry colleagues. He is a graduate of all three of TRSA's educational "institutes," including the Maintenance Management, Production Management and Executive Management Institute.  

Fast-forward to 2017, and we find Jewison’s continuing to advance his laundry industry knowledge. Specifically, he’s testing the SULAOS (Smart Ultraviolet Light Advanced Oxidation System) that he helped Omni Solutions develop and has installed at TCS, the plant whose construction he oversaw 25 years ago.

Designed for tunnel washers, the SULAOS system uses UV lights and small quantities of hydroxyls to “charge’ water in order to oxidize microorganisms and improve safety, Jewison says. He’s field tested the system in three TCS tunnels with outstanding results. "In addition to the unprecedented germicidal impact, we've achieved significant reductions in fresh water consumption (while controlling TDS [total dissolved solids]) and natural gas usage, which was independently verified by our local utility." The quality of finished linens is excellent as well, he added, citing an enhanced brightness.

Looking ahead, Jewison says he's dedicating his focus on the future to enhancing the hygienic cleanliness of laundering. "I would like to spend my next 25 years taking our industry disinfection up to food-grade levels."