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Lavatec Taps Clark for Sales Support

Scott Clark, a laundry industry veteran, recently joined Lavatec Laundry Technology as a sales support engineer, according to a news release.

“This was a very good opportunity that I could not pass up,” said Clark, who spent 40 years with Victor Kramer Co., a laundry consulting firm. “The project work, the engineering and planning, coupled with the opportunity to create and assist in developing pricing, layouts and production support, will be a good challenge for me. I’d like to help Lavatec grow, while supporting the team and satisfying ownership that they made the right decision to hire me.”

Clark previously was a partner and vice president with Victor Kramer Co., where he designed the renovation or new construction of more than 75 institutional laundry facilities and worked with many high-profile clients across the U.S. and in the Middle East.

An equipment systems and energy conservation specialist, Clark will work with Lavatec management to support the operations and sales growth of the company. He’ll report to Keith Ware, vice president of sales, who said he’s delighted to have brought Clark aboard.

“With Lavatec’s significant growth, we were looking for an experienced laundry design specialist,” Ware said. “Someone with Scott’s talents and experience is very rare. Having learned that he might be available, we jumped at the chance to bring Scott into the Lavatec family. Having worked with him in a previous position, I know of his skills and abilities and believed they would be a tremendous asset to our team.” To learn more, go to