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Our Services

TRSA: the textile rental services industry’s only voice for fair, balanced regulation and legislation; the catalyst for members to build a stronger, safer and environmentally-friendlier industry together


TRSA protects and expands the market for textile services through government affairs and outreach including representing the industry to fight for fair, balanced regulation, labor policies and taxation; monitoring and reporting regulatory and legislative developments; and promoting the value and benefits of reusable textiles and commercial laundries.

Professional Development

TRSA offers national, regional and online education and training resources, conferences, institutes and events for members that provide innovative approaches and proven best practices for streamlining operations, reducing costs and increasing productivity and profitability.

Networking & Information-Sharing

TRSA creates and facilitates opportunities for exchanging and sharing information important to your daily operations through our award-winning monthly magazine Textile Rental, our weekly e-news TR Weekly, annual national conferences and events, regional meetings, webinars and interactive online forums.

Research and Benchmarking

TRSA conducts research and provides expert insight and analysis into the textile services industry including performance and compensation reports, readership and membership surveys and programs to protect employees and the environment – SafeTRSA and LaundryESP.


TRSA’s certification programs hold textile services performance to rigorous standards. Earning a TRSA designation (Clean Green, Hygienically Clean, CPLM) reflects enthusiasm for achievement worthy of recognition by the organization that represents more industrial-scale laundry operations than any other organization worldwide.