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Promoting Our Industry’s Economic, Environmental Benefits

We target messages to media in the home states and districts of Members of Congress who serve on committees that have jurisdiction over key issues that affect our industry.

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TRSA is committed to publicizing textile rental service companies’ excellent track record in reducing pollution, water and energy use and greenhouse gas emissions while increasing production. Our media and PR efforts spread the word to decision makers who influence the industry's collective bottom line. We discuss our industry’s commitment to environmental protection and this communicates to customers that we are a "green" buy. We send the same message to lawmakers so they understand we are environmentally responsible and that we should not be targeted for unwarranted regulations.

Our Green Storyline

In a world awash in news coverage any business can become the target of public inquiry. We have a choice—our industry can become a victim of media or we can manage the process and be noticed for our contributions. We choose the latter to generate positive press and prepare the media so when they initiate a storyline about one of our companies they can put the facts in an appropriate context. TRSA's successes in working with members to generate local publicity have proven that editors and producers can be important allies when approached properly. We help members write commentaries for their local newspapers, send out press releases about their local awards and publicize tours of their facilities by members of Congress. In addition to efficiency and resource conservation our green storyline highlights how our services fundamentally reduce solid waste generation.

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Thwarting Challenges to Shop Towel Marketing

To assist textile services operators in addressing claims that reusable shop towel users are at risk for ingesting metal residues from such clean textile products, TRSA offers a free position paper, “Attacks on Laundered Shop Towels: Why Now? What’s Next?” This document describes outlandish research assumptions that create an insufficient basis for concluding that workers are at such risk. Studies in 2003 and 2011 have created this impression but given no explanation for how residual chemicals separate from towel fibers when a worker uses a shop towel. It’s widely acknowledged that even the most excessive amount of sweat, water or any liquid covering a worker’s skin that contacts a shop towel would not be enough to free any residual.

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Targeting Opinion Pages

TRSA's media action plan encourages members to write newspaper editorial-page guest opinions (“op-eds”) and letters-to-the-editor. We seek to shape public opinion and use positive press coverage about our industry to leverage our clout on Capitol Hill to protect the industry’s bottom line. We recruit as authors industry executives whose businesses are located in districts represented by legislators who are key votes on issues of concern to us. We support causes we feel strongly about and demonstrate our conviction where it gets noticed—in the press. Politicians pay attention to letters-to-the-editor in all their local publications in their jurisdictions as these are a barometer of constituent opinion. To ensure our opinion will prevail we engage the public.

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TRSA Helps You Publicize

If your business wins an award, makes a significant contribution to a charitable cause, hosts an elected official, opens a new facility or makes an investment in ecofriendly technology—you may have a story of interest to your local media outlets. We can help assemble a news release and pitch it. We cannot guarantee it will always produce coverage but if you have a good story to tell the odds of achieving coverage are in our favor.

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