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Safety Report

SafeTRSA Verifies Progress; Membership-wide safety statistics enable TRSA companies to easily compare their improvements to the industry norm and foster further gains.

To measure the textile services industry’s progress in establishing and implementing enhanced management and safety practices to reduce and eliminate occupational injuries and illnesses in plants and depots, TRSA administers an annual survey of its members’ occupational injury and illness data. Survey data is reported in the annual Textile Services Industry Safety Report.
TRSA cites such tracking over the past several years as prompting industry-specific initiatives and resources to focus on the industry’s highest risk areas and those cited most frequently by OSHA, resulting in the adoption of proven policies and procedures for maintaining equipment (lock-out, tag-out), handling soiled linen (especially blood-borne pathogens) and working in confined spaces.
These reflect the success of the SafeTRSA program in highlighting areas of emphasis and improvement leading to TRSA’s development of new resources for educating, training and protecting employees including publications, online resources, videos and more.