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Strengthening Our Capitol Hill Relations

TRSA continually forges new links with legislators so more of them recognize how our operations and those of our customers benefit the economy.

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TRSA reviews the impact of lawmaking at the federal, state and local levels (particularly biills on environmental, labor, tax and energy concerns) on the industry. We work with elected officials and their staffs or large coalitions to ensure the industry’s voice is heard in these matters.

Texas Franchise Tax Reduction

In Texas, the margin tax rate for qualifying retailers and wholesalers is .375% and twice as much (.75%) for everyone else, including the commercial laundry industry. The TRSA Board of Directors has directed TRSA to make an effort to redefine “retail trade” to include our industry in regard to the Texas tax code.

If successful, the industry’s margin tax would drop by 50%. The return on investment would be almost immediate. The TRSA Executive Committee has allocated funds from the Legislative Defense Fund to pay for this initiative.

Please click here to fill out our 9-question survey regarding your company’s Texas tax situation.  IMPORTANT – No data reported from this survey will be linked to any specific company name. Your organization’s information will be confidential. We ask you to input total revenue and tax liability for your company in Texas for 2013, 2014 and 2015. If you do not have this information or believe someone else in your company should provide it, please forward this email to the appropriate colleague.

Legislative Language (Draft): View/Download

SIC Code Descriptions: 7218: Industrial Launderers | 7213: Linen Supply  

Contact: Email Kevin Schwalb or call 703.519.0029 ext. 107 with any questions.