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Ultimate Resource for Keeping in Touch

TRSA Roster and Buyers’ Guide makes it easy to network and sort through options as you equip and supply your textile services business.

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TRSA’s membership directory (print and online) provides members with timely access to important products, services and colleagues to quickly research, gather information and make important purchasing decisions, including innovative approaches, products and services that simplify processes, leverage technology, reduce costs, increase productivity and streamline workflow.

This directory makes it easy to connect with colleagues across the industry for the first time and stay in touch after initial encounters. Whether you seek to share experience with a textile rental services company or purchase products or services from an Associate, the Roster/Buyers’ Guide puts their contact information at your fingertips.

You may have a prospective customer that also operates in a geographic market you do not serve and to win this account you need to partner with a member who operates in that distant location. Or you may be told about another company far away that has successfully deployed a new model of wash room equipment that interests you. In either case you are networking with someone you don’t know so you can turn to the TRSA Roster/Buyers’ Guide for basic contact information about their operations.

Then there are people with whom you are barely familiar but want to reach: someone you met at a TRSA meeting, conference or seminar but you’re not sure where this person works. Or you remember the person’s name and home city but you can’t recall the company name. You can positively identify your contact targets in these instances with the directory’s alphabetical listing of individuals in member companies and the geographic listing by state and city of textile rental member firms.

Finally there are fellow members you have met but you have misplaced their contact information or do not keep it handy. Again the TRSA Roster and Buyer’s Guide comes to the rescue.

If you are considering the purchase of equipment, supplies or services this publication helps you find a choice of vendors with the offering(s) you seek.  User-friendly Buyers’ Guide sections group products and services by laundry plant function (stockroom, soil room, wash room,flatwork finishing, pack out/delivery and operations. The Buyers’ Guide has thousands of listings and brand names in hundreds of product and service categories.