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Educating Customers: TRSA Animation Can Help

Explaining commercial laundry operations to customers or prospects can be difficult for a laundry executive or service manager. Most have such a detailed knowledge of machinery, software and processes that they may find it difficult to explain various operations in the simplest terms to an outsider.  

TRSA recently has taken a step toward solving this problem by commissioning two audience-friendly animated videos that describe in plain English two key topics: an overview of the laundry process itself and a review of healthcare linen loss.

Click here to see the overview video and here to see the linen-loss animation.

If you like what you see, you might want to get a customized version of either animation for use on your company’s website. Randy Bartsch, CEO of Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service Corp., recently did just that with the linen-loss video, which now includes his company’s name and logo. He’s pleased with the results so far. “The people that have seen it have liked it,” he said. “We find it’s an easy way to introduce a tough subject.”

The linen-loss animation explains in basic terms why most healthcare textiles don’t reach their normal lifespan due to various factors, including unauthorized use by patients or staff, or improper disposal. The video drives home the scope of this problem that costs hospitals roughly $840 million annually. “With the collective power of the association behind the facts presented, the video clearly illustrates the magnitude of the linen-loss problem across the U.S.,” Bartsch said.

Having a customized version of the video on his company’s website also enables Bartsch to target his message on linen loss to the various hospitals and clinics that Ecotex serves. “The video is a great gateway for customers to see the mechanics of addressing the problem on a ‘local’ level,” he said.

Bartsch added that staff are using a version of the video on iPads to educate hospital staff during on-site visits. Click here to see Ecotex’ customized linen-loss video.

If you’d like to learn more about TRSA’s animation tools, contact President and CEO Joseph Ricci at 703.519.0029, ext. 101, or