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Summit '16 - TRSA To Tour New Disney Laundry

TRSA has planned visits to two laundries at Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL - including the resort’s new linen processing facility - as part of the association’s 2016 Production Summit and Plant tours, this Feb. 23-24.

The tours will update attendees on emerging industrywide best practices and give them ideas for new plant operations strategies. They also will facilitate networking among attendees and experts.

Observing operations such as the Disney World facilities and attending industry presentations at the summit will help participants learn the latest techniques for laundry efficiency and effectiveness. At the most recent summit (Pittsburgh, October 2015), 100% of the respondents who evaluated the program said they’d attend another summit. Many acknowledged the event’s superior value for evaluating processes and management techniques that were discussed by plant technology and operations experts. Meeting and reuniting at subsequent summits maximizes access to these seasoned professionals.

February’s attendees will see Disney World’s Costume/Specialty Plant as well as the new plant that opened in June 2015 as the resort’s “Fourth Laundry Operation.” TRSA is the first industry group to tour this facility, which largely serves value lodging properties, while handling items such as top sheets for every type of hotel. The costume plant processes uniforms and theatrical outfits, plus specialty-care items, such as ornately decorated linens.

The summit also will include a workshop on Conflict Resolution for Managers with Guy Harris, a U.S. Navy lieutenant and engineering department head who now serves as a corporate training consultant. Harris will guide attendees in teaching employees how to settle their differences, explaining how they can get to the root of their problems faster and defuse tensions more effectively. Summit participants will become more effective trainers of fundamental skills that people at odds can use to resolve their disputes. These techniques include controlling voice tone and body language and communicating clearly.

Panel discussions at the Summit will address other topics as well, including production standards implementation, imparting tactics for enforcing and evaluating such standards and maximizing their value to process improvement. Additional topics include emerging industry technologies, the latest advances in plant systems and related technologies and how they address common issues that hinder efficiency. Another panel will look at the laundry capacity issues at Walt Disney World Textile Services that led to the development of the Fourth Laundry Operation.

A problem-solving session will feature many small group discussions that will suggest ways to address a problem or opportunities currently confronting Summit attendees. Topics for these talks will be submitted on the Summit registration form, which asks laundry operators to propose questions they would like to ask fellow attendees on pressing operations issues. Previous discussions have addressed issues such as:

  • Employee relations (finding and retaining talent)
  • Energy costs
  • Inventory management
  • Productivity improvement
  • Quality control
  • Safety best practices (OSHA, risk assessments)
  • Water-saving strategies

The summit will kick off with presentations on the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 23, at the host hotel, Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. Sessions will continue throughout the day and a reception will follow in the early evening. Plant tours are slated for the next morning, followed by the emerging technologies panel, which will conclude at 2:45 p.m. Click here for details or to register for the summit.  

TRSA’s second Production Summit and Plant Tours event is planned for Oct. 26-27, 2016, in New Orleans.