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TRSA Members Donate to Hurricane Relief Efforts

Roughly half of TRSA Annual Conference attendees have donated all, or a portion, of their Annual Conference registration and/or sponsorship fees to local charities in areas affected by two recent hurricanes, Harvey and Irma. As a result of this generosity, TRSA expects to donate approximately $125,000 on behalf of its members to ongoing relief efforts in Houston and Miami in the aftermath of these powerful storms.

One such company that decided to donate all of its Annual Conference-related registration and sponsorship fees to the relief efforts was G.A. Braun Inc., Syracuse, NY. “We are all very fortunate that we have not had to endure the hardships of our fellow Americans that reside in Houston, and those who will be impacted in the coming week on the East Coast,” said G.A. Braun President Joe Gudenburr IV. “The country is in need of unity, and we all need to look after our fellow man/woman/child in times of hardship and need. This is a nominal contribution that will hopefully be matched by many so that those in need can get some relief.”

After a thorough review of the latest reports from the National Hurricane Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), on Sept. 6 the TRSA Executive Committee canceled the Annual Conference scheduled for Miami on Sept. 12-14. After making this decision, the association decided to aid in the recovery efforts by donating designated registration fees and sponsorships for the Annual Conference to local charities as identified by TRSA members in the affected areas of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. All fees donated are tax-deductible contributions. TRSA will provide registrants with a letter indicating the amount of the contribution for their records.

An e-mail was sent to conference attendees on Sept. 6. TRSA thanks the overwhelming number of attendees that responded to this e-mail with a request to either donate all or a portion of their registration and sponsorship fees to charity.

Johanna Ames, president of TRSA operator member Ames Linen Service, Cortland, NY, donated her registration fees to the cause and praised the efforts. “This is a great idea to make a positive out of a negative,” Ames said. “Thanks for your leadership and quick response.”

Josh Frankeberger, COO, Automation Dynamics LLC, Independence, MO, added, “Thank you for everything you all are doing to make the best of this situation. We will miss the opportunity to share the time with your team and other TRSA members.”

In addition to monetary donations, several hundred homeless residents will benefit from a donation of welcome boxes stocked with water and assorted snacks, in a move agreed to by TRSA and event sponsor Pellerin Milnor Corp. Click here to read the full story.

The reports forecast Irma, currently a Category 5 storm, impacting southern Florida on late Saturday or early Sunday as a Category 4 storm. A storm of the magnitude of Irma could cause personal harm and significant damage to the local infrastructure resulting in flooding, power outages and travel cancellations. Click here for details.