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Fleet Promotion Award

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The appearance of the industry’s delivery fleets are vital to the public’s perception of linen, uniform and facility services industry.  What are you doing to get noticed? Please submit a photo of one of your route trucks. With nearly 25,000 vans, trucks and other vehicles on the road every day, linen, uniform and facility services companies can leverage these mobile promotional opportunities to increase awareness and recognition for its services, as well as the industry’s commitment to improving corporate images, safety, cleanliness and sustainability. A well designed promotion turns an ordinary vehicle into year round advertising. Based on both testimonials from clients and statistics gathered by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), vehicle promotions offer the best return for your promotional investment when marketing your business generating between 30,000 and 80,000 daily impressions (stat from OAAA).
The TRSA Fleet Promotion Award recognizes companies that are using their vehicles to promote their business and services, as well as the contributions of the industry to improving image, safety, cleanliness and sustainability.  Please send one to three images of your vehicles and complete the submission form to enter your fleet. 
  • Must be a TRSA member
  • Offer information regarding the process for developing the fleet promotional design and brand promise and/or message you are communicating.
  • Number of vehicles in your fleet with the submitted design
Nominations are now closed.