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TRSA Above and Beyond Service Awards

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Customer service is critical to the success of your company. No matter how fast or efficient your plant and production staff may be, if the service is not, success will elude you. While there is plenty of good customer service in this industry, truly above and beyond service is rare. TRSA is relaunching our Above and Beyond Service Awards program to recognize those who exceed the levels of good service and set a higher standard for others to follow. 
Criteria for Consideration:
The award can go to an individual service rep, a team of service people, or to a company. Tell us in 300 words or less why your candidate has earned a TRSA Above and Beyond Service Award. These summaries can include descriptions of:
  • Extra steps a given route rep or team have taken to help customers on a daily basis, including times of weather or other emergencies, such as a power outage.
  • New technology that a service team or company has implemented that’s had a measurable and significant impact on improved customer satisfaction.
  • Outstanding records in terms of customer surveys and/or customer retention rates.
  • Training programs or other initiatives that have had a demonstrated positive impact on customer service as reflected in surveys or other metrics.  
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