Survey to Support Improved Supply Chain Management


Several leading national and international scholars in business and economics are collaborating on research to advance the field of supply chain management. In the process, they are working with TRSA to examine the linen, uniform and facility services industry’s performance in this discipline, starting with a survey of member companies’ general managers and marketing/sales management the week of Oct. 25.

Restaurants to Congress: Our Recovery is Moving in Reverse


The National Restaurant Association recently sent a letter to congressional leaders sharing discouraging new operator survey findings and warning of harm that provisions of the Build Back Better Act (BBBA) could inflict on restaurant industry rebuilding, according to a news release.

Yes& Study: Consumers Receptive to TRSA Certifications


A new survey of consumers of hotel, restaurant and healthcare services indicates that TRSA’s Hygienically Clean and Clean Green certification programs could have a more positive impact on the attitudes of textile end users than previously thought.