Tingue Unveils New E-Commerce Site


Tingue recently launched its new e-commerce website. The new site offers a comprehensive collection of replacement parts for all major industrial laundry machines including washers, dryers, ironers, feeders and folders, according to a news release.

Gurtler Holds Global Sales Conference


Gurtler Industries Inc., South Holland, IL, recently held its three-day Global Sales Conference at the Briar Ridge Country Club in Schererville, IN, just outside Chicago. The conference was attended by more than 75 members of the Gurtler sales and service team, headquarters support team and management, according to a news release.

50-Plus Sales & Marketing Execs Share Ideas at TRSA Summit


“Social media is not an extension of your brand, it is your brand,” said social media guru Corey Perlman in a keynote address at TRSA’s Fifth Annual Marketing & Sales Summit on Oct. 25-26 in Tampa, FL. Perlman’s presentation, dubbed Social Selling: How Digital Marketing Can Strengthen Your Business, focused on why marketers must make social media a priority, drew more than 50 marketing and sales staff from the linen, uniform and facility services leaders from across North America.

The Boy Scouts Were Right – Salespeople Should be Prepared


“Be Prepared.” That’s the Boy Scout motto, and I’ve spoken about it before. So many sales are lost not because the customer doesn’t want to buy, but because the salesperson isn’t prepared to sell. Every salesperson THINKS that they’re prepared to sell – but few actually walk through the steps and define what it takes to make a sale happen. Worse, too many salespeople are the first to pump the brakes on the sales process. The customers should always be the first to pump the brakes. Being prepared isn’t applying artificial pressure; it’s simply moving at the customer’s pace.

Annual Conference Speaker: Systematizing Sales Strategies


Salespeople know what got them to where they are today. Yet salespeople and their leaders often struggle to determine what they should be training their people on when there are an unlimited number of options available. Training has to be relevant and immediately applicable if we’re going to get salespeople engaged, and that’s a challenge in and of itself.

Finding New Sales Talent In “The Great Resignation”


Are you finding it hard to hire good salespeople? If you are, you’re not alone. Nearly everyone I talk to when I speak at conferences asks me about the sales hiring outlook in 2022. Too many companies are running short staffed, losing sales coverage and bandwidth, and losing opportunities. The truth is that if you have a fully staffed and skilled sales team right now, you’re probably doing a number on your competition – and you’re the exception, not the rule.

Marketing Summit Keynoter: Hope Isn’t a Sales Strategy


He dodged bullets in Iraq and at the same time kept journalists from Reuters and other top outlets apprised of the U.S. Marine Corps’ actions by learning a system that allowed him to concentrate on key tasks. Now Shawn Rhodes will apply those skills to help sales professionals at TRSA’s 4th Annual Marketing & Sales Summit achieve their goals.