Spradley Joins North American Sales Team at Leonard


Leonard Automatics Inc., Denver, NC, recently added Robert Spradley to its North American sales team. Spradley has provided sales and service as well as engineering support to the textile, garment manufacturing and laundry industries for more than 30 years, according to a news release.

TRSA Webinar Focuses on Building Customer Relationships


TRSA recently held a webinar titled, “Applying Experience Driven Design® to Drive Revenue and Profit Growth.” The hour-long webinar was hosted by Barbara Lawrence, co-founder and managing partner of Lubin Lawrence Inc., a growth strategy consultancy based in New York.

Virtual Selling – Pitching in ‘Two-and-a-Half Dimensions’


Before COVID-19 hit, presenting to prospects via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or similar programs such as Skype, was a relatively rare but growing phenomenon. No longer. The pandemic put limits on face-to-face meetings. That, in turn, has spurred a boom in the use of online technology both for internal communications, as well as outreach by salespeople to customers and prospects.