Fleet Safety

Available to TRSA members at a 10% discount from standard pricing, FleetDefense is a cost-effective means of reducing frequency and severity of losses.

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It’s part of a strategy to keep insurance costs under control, a more difficult task nowadays, especially for companies with adverse loss experience. FleetDefense addresses concerns of underwriters who rate your operation on drivers with the most questionable records. It creates proper documentation of training efforts that can be critical when accidents occur or insurers are concerned about the quality of your safety instruction.


Vic Marchetti
Haylor, Freyer & Coon Account Executive

How It Works

Drivers begin the program by undergoing a Hazard Perception Evaluation, which assesses individual performance in attitude, speed management, conscientiousness about other motorists, danger zones, space management and scanning. This evaluation has two components (20 real-life video scenarios and 20 questions on safe driving) that users can log into on their work computers or complete at home.

This testing generates an overall score for each driver, taking into account their experience with various on-the-road scenarios and adherence to safe driving standards. They review their responses including viewing correct replies to questions they answered incorrectly.

Based on their risk ratings, they’re assigned to specific training modules that address their weak spots. As many as 20 modules, each of which should take 20 minutes or less to complete, may comprise a customized AlertDriving program. Each presentation consists of a brief overview of the problem and allows the trainee to absorb the content at his/her own pace. Charts, graphs and statistics are included as well as a 3- to 5-minute video presentation. Real-life footage is used for a better end-user experience and better retention rates by drivers. Following this presentation, the driver takes a quiz of 10 multiple-choice questions.

A time frame is specified for completing all follow-up modules. A custom “My Activities” webpage tracks completed courses and remaining ones. The system automatically corresponds by e-mail with reminders to improve compliance with training.

The program includes an optional vehicle policy test. This quiz tests employees on their knowledge of driving policy specific to your company.