How to Cope through Stressful Times

November 3, 2022, 2-3:30 pm ET   •   Safe Space: Informational Forum
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COVID, Heavy Workload, School Shootings, Racially Targeted Hate Crimes, War, Economic Downturn, Family Responsibilities, Financial Woes – Reading that list would make most of us stressed in the moment, or at least uncomfortable. Each of these situations are what we are living through today, what our employees are living through – making our reality a very stressful one. However, we aren’t alone and there are ways to make a safe space for you and your employees to express that stress and feel supported as a human at work. In this Safe Space Session, we’ll provide recommendations of how to create a Psychologically Safe Space for your employees as they face these stressful times.

Part of the TRSA DE&I Space Space Series

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are a company’s mission, vision and practices to support a workplace that works towards affecting change for all employees.  Employees want to know that they work for a company that cares, that creates a healthy environment where people feel respected, appreciated and the ability to do their best work.


For those that attend the entire Safe Space Series, TRSA’s DEI Committee will send a great resource book sponsored by Strategic Insights Partners that is filled with simple, science-backed practices that will teach you how to strengthen your emotional fitness skills, create a more supportive relationship with yourself as well as your thoughts and emotions, reduce self-doubt, and cultivate more honest and meaningful connections with others.


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