Machines More Like People—
and People More Like Machines

November 2, 2023, 2 - 3 pm ET   •   Virtual Register
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Until cyborg creation leaps from science fiction into reality, smaller steps toward making machines more like people will have to do. Learn from this webinar about the latest developments in decreasing the use of human hands and arms in linen and uniform operations. Get a sense of what’s next from model technologies deployed in manufacturing and distribution. Build your understanding of what kind of talent you’ll need to operate a highly robotic environment.

See how picking and feeding laundry pieces need not be manual. Robotic technology is becoming highly refined for these initial steps in processing. It’s a critical labor- and time-saving development for processes that have long been automated down the production line with hands-free item identification, fill controls based on weight or count and batch release to the next step in processing. Today’s robotics are increasing quality as well as material handling: cameras photograph flaws on textile surfaces; x-ray units detect foreign objects in garment pockets.

Get insight into how technology is addressing production and logistics challenges that machines can’t handle because they require the flexibility that only human intelligence can provide. Exoskeletons, or support structures worn on the body, relieve the musculoskeletal system by redistributing loads from one body part to another. Straps and mechanical arms support users’ shoulders when they perform overhead work.

Faster, higher quality, safer…with fewer employees. This presentation will describe what’s available to you today and what to anticipate in years to come.

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