TRSA Next Generation Executives Problem-Sharing Roundtable – Lessons Learned 2020

April 8, 2021, 2-4 pm   •   Live Virtual Event

 Free, Open to TRSA Members by Invitation Only

Obtain Registration Code from Joe Ricci  |  Register (following receipt of registration code)

Participants will share their experience, successes, and failures from surviving, operating, and recovering from the pandemic including:

  • How do you connect and engage with your co-workers and colleagues? How do you keep people engaged?
  • What innovative products, services, roles/functions, and initiatives were developed from working through the continuing challenges of the pandemic?
  • How do you on-board, engage and educate new hires regarding your corporate culture?
  • There is a renewed emphasis on hygiene/cleanliness, supply chain sustainability and reusable garments; what are your perspectives on certifications, standards, and best practices for every market-sector evolving and impacting operations, sales/marketing and new products/services?
  • Many customers have come to rely on our industry for products and services during the pandemic and as they re-open businesses. What examples can you share of the customer needs, requests, and concerns and how you have responded. What, if any, of these solutions offer long term growth opportunities?
About the TRSA Next Generation Executives

The TRSA Next Generation Executives are peers committed to information-sharing, networking, and professional development to create opportunities for rising industry leaders to develop skills and build relationships that encourage them to actively engage in the linen, uniform and facility services industry.

Next Generation Executives events include social activities during the Clean Show and TRSA’s Annual and Legislative Conferences, as well as a one-day in-person workshop and an online networking activity. In addition, the Next Generation Executives Committee works with TRSA on TRERT Foundation initiatives such as the Industry Internship Program and more.

If you have any recommendations for a peer to join the Next Generation Executives, please contact Joseph Ricci at, thank you.

TRSA Virtual Meeting Code of Conduct

TRSA is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all meeting participants and TRSA staff. Please review and abide by this Virtual Meetings Code of Conduct.

NOTE: For confidentiality, roundtables will not be recorded.