Virtual Roundtable: Industrial

October 13, 2022, 1-3 pm ET   •   Live Virtual Event

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Learn from others’ experience in production, sales and service in a Virtual Roundtable for this key market sector. Take advantage of this strong TRSA networking activity to develop/maintain contacts with industry colleagues for future collaboration. Contribute to development of consensus opinions on how TRSA should react to issues raised in the conversation through:

  • Advocacy and government relations
  • Hygiene, cleanliness and reusable textile promotion
  • Education, training, networking and information-sharing programs

TRSA market-specific Virtual Roundtables enable executives to directly contribute to the direction and value of TRSA and the industry while networking with colleagues whose companies hail from the same industry niche. These discussions are especially valuable to owner/operators, CEOs, presidents, VPs and staff directors as well as general managers.

This TRSA roundtable addresses impacts of COVID-induced inflation on uniform rental and facility services operations. You and your colleagues from this industry segment will focus on how industry best practices have changed due to key drivers of higher operational costs:

  • Labor shortages – How tactics must change in recruiting and retention practices
  • Supply chain – Avoiding strain in relationships with suppliers and customers while meeting industrial market needs
  • Energy – No relief in sight for high supply costs, how to work around them

You will receive a Zoom link for your calendar and agenda updates.  Roundtables are not recorded

TRSA Virtual Meeting Code of Conduct

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