Certification Requirements

TRSA Clean Green certification requires linen, uniform and facility services companies’ laundries to implement enough Best Management Practices (BMPs) such that enough points are accumulated to meet the requirements established.

Apply for Clean Green Certification | Requirements for Clean Green Certification

Laundries enable their companies to qualify for Clean Green certification by following one of two paths:
  1. Perform listed best management practices (BMPs) and achieve water and energy use standards in accordance with millions of laundry pounds produced as shown on the table
  2. Perform a combination of BMPs considered more indicative of environmental stewardship and attain either water or energy standards.
Water and Energy Standards
Water Standard
2.6 gal/lb. > 5M pounds annually
3.2 gal/lb. ≤ 5M pounds annually


Energy Standard
3,000 BTU/lb. > 5M pounds annually
3,700 BTU/lb. ≤ 5M pounds annually
Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by earning Clean Green certification. They prompt their laundries to implement as many green best management practices (BMPs) as possible, reflecting dedication to reducing their facilities’ carbon footprint and enhancing their environmental stewardship . BMPs are listed in the Clean Green standard, excerpted below.

Laundries clearly demonstrate their use of BMPs through written documents or visual evidence. Clean Green inspectors ultimately judge whether a BMP has been implemented.

  • Boiler heat recovery or direct-fired hot water heater
  • Wastewater heat recovery
  • Wastewater pre-treatment (mechanical)
  • Wastewater pre-treatment (advanced)
  • Water reuse technology
  • Alternative energy, solar or geothermal
  • Energy audit (every three years)
  • Fleet vehicles, alternative fuels
  • Fleet vehicle route optimization
  • Low temperature detergent
  • NPE-free detergent
  • Preventative boiler or water heater maintenance program
  • Recycling program
  • Skylights or energy efficient lighting
  • Slug discharge control plan or spill prevention plan