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Certified Textile Services Providers

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These companies have fulfilled the Clean Green certification challenge, quantifying their commit to sustainability and the environment by documenting their conservation efficiencies in water and energy conservation and verifying their green best management practices

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Laundry locations only; these plants may supply service centers hundreds of miles away (nearer to you) without laundry equipment but maintaining inventory needed to serve your area

Tuscumbia / AmeriPride Services

Calgary / Canadian Linen and Uniform Service / K-Bro Linen Systems
Edmonton / Canadian Linen and Uniform Service / K-Bro Linen Systems
Lethbridge / Canadian Linen and Uniform Service

Phoenix / AmeriPride Services / Prudential Overall Supply
Tucson / Prudential Overall Supply

Conway / Linen King
Little Rock / AmeriPride Services
Springdale / Linen King / Superior Linen Service

Abbotsford / Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service
Burnaby / Canadian Linen and Uniform Service / K-Bro Linen Systems (2)
Kelowna / Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service
Victoria / Canadian Linen and Uniform Service / K-Bro Linen Systems

Bakersfield / AmeriPride Service
Carson / Prudential Overall Supply
Chula Vista / Prudential Overall Supply
Commerce / Prudential Overall Supply
Fresno / AmeriPride Services / Prudential Overall Supply
Irvine / Prudential Overall Supply
La Selva Beach / Campus Laundry
Long Beach / Medico / Republic Master Chefs
Los Angeles / Morgan Services / Republic Master Chefs
Milpitas / Prudential Overall Supply
Pasadena / California Linen Services
Riverside / Prudential Overall Supply
Sacramento / AmeriPride Services
Turlock / Campus Laundry
Vernon / AmeriPride Services
Vista / Prudential Overall Supply

Denver / Hamilton Linen / Hospital Cooperative Laundry
Pueblo / Hospital Cooperative Laundry

Milford / Crown Linen Service
Stratford / Savoy Linen Service
Windsor / Crown Linen Service

GEORGIA / Watkinsville / AmeriPride Services

IDAHO / Twin Falls / AmeriPride Services

Chicago / Morgan Services / Roscoe

Indianapolis / Morgan Services

IOWA / Davenport / Crescent Laundry

Kansas City / Faultless HealthCare Laundry
Topeka / AmeriPride Services
Wichita / Linen King

KENTUCKY / Florence / AmeriPride Services

Monroe / AmeriPride Services
Shreveport / United Linen Services, LLC

MANITOBA / Winnipeg / Canadian Linen and Uniform Service

MAINE / Westbrook / General Linen Service

Baltimore / Dempsey Uniform and Linen / Up To Date Laundry
Capitol Heights / Maryland Textile Service

Boston / Morgan Services
Brockton / Crown Linen Service
Fall River / Crown Linen Service
Lawrence / United Linen Services of New England
Worcester / AmeriPride Services

Brownstown / Reino Linen Service
Kalamazoo / Continental Linen Service

Eagan / Huebsch Services
Hibbing / AmeriPride Services
Mankato / AmeriPride Services
Minneapolis / AmeriPride Services
St. Cloud / AmeriPride Services
St. Paul / Health Systems Cooperative Laundries

Columbia / Linen King
Kansas City / Faultless HealthCare Laundry
Springfield / AmeriPride Services
St. Louis / Faultless HealthCare Laundry

NEBRASKA / Omaha / AmeriPride Services

Somersworth / General Linen Service Co.

Irvington / Clean Tex Services
Kearny / Cooperative Laundry
Paterson / FDR Services
Trenton / Clean Tex Services

Albuquerque / AmeriPride Services / Ecotex Healthcare Laundry Service / Prudential Overall Supply
Roswell / AmeriPride Services

Alden / Doritex
Buffalo / Morgan Services
Peekskill / White Plains Linen
Rochester / Aid to Hospitals, Inc.
Syracuse / AmeriPride Services

NEWFOUNDLAND / St. John’s / Canadian Linen and Uniform Service

NORTH CAROLINA / Canton / Plus Linen & Uniform Service

Bismarck / AmeriPride Services
Fargo / AmeriPride Services

NOVA SCOTIA / Dartmouth / Canadian Linen and Uniform Service

Cincinnati / Superior Linen & Apparel Services
Cleveland / Morgan Services
Dayton / Economy Linen & Towel Service / Morgan Services
Gibsonburg / Reino Linen Service
Newark / Buckeye Linen Service
Ravenna / Paris Healthcare
Toledo / Morgan Services
Zanesville / Economy Linen and Towel Service / Ohio Textile Service

Bartlesville / Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service / United Linen Service
Midwest City / Linen King
Muskogee / Superior Linen Service
Oklahoma City / Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service
Tulsa / Superior Linen Service

Etobicoke / Canadian Linen and Uniform Service
London / Canadian Linen and Uniform Service
Mississauga / Ecotex Healthcare Linen LP / K-Bro Linen Services
North York / Canadian Linen and Uniform Service
Ottawa / Canadian Linen and Uniform Service
Toronto / K-Bro Linen Systems / Topper Linen Supply Ltd.

Bethlehem / Dempsey Uniform and Linen
Dubois / Paris Healthcare / Paris Uniform Services
Jessup / Dempsey Uniform and Linen
Pittsburgh / CleanCare / Iron City Workplace Services
Shippensburg/ CVR Uniforms
Sunbury / Dempsey Uniform and Linen
Tipton / Balfurd
Williamsport / Paris Healthcare

PUERTO RICO / Bayamon / Cadillac Uniform & Linen Supply

Granby / K-Bro Linen Systems
Montreal / Quebec Linge’ Service D’Uniformes
Quebec City / K-Bro Linen Systems / Quebec Linge’ Service D’Uniformes

RHODE ISLAND / Cranston / Falvey Linen Supply

Regina / Canadian Linen and Uniform Service / K-Bro Linen Systems
Saskatoon / Canadian Linen and Uniform Service

SOUTH DAKOTA / Rapid City / Servall Uniform & Linen Supply

SWEDEN / Arlöv / Hr Björkmans Entrémattor AB

TENNESSEE / Memphis / AmeriPride Services

Abilene / Texas Healthcare Linen
Amarillo / AmeriPride Services
El Paso / Supreme Laundry & Cleaners
Grand Prairie / North Texas Health Care Laundry
Lubbock / AmeriPride Services
McKinney / Metro Linen Service
Odessa / AmeriPride Services

Petersburg / Virginia Linen Service / Virginia Textile Service
Richmond / Handcraft Linen Supply
South Hill / Southern Textile Service

Auburn / Hospital Central Services Association
Bellingham / Northwest Health Care Linen
Richland / U.S. Linen & Uniform
Seattle / MediCleanse Medical Linen Service
Tacoma / Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service / Superior Linen Service

WEST VIRGINIA / Wheeling / Wheeling Linen Service

Eau Claire / Huebsch Services