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Clean Green Application

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Click Here To Apply

The above link provides launderers with a copy of the application for all currently available TRSA laundry plant certifications including Clean Green. Print this PDF, fill it out and fax to 703/519-0026 or scan/e-mail to Angela Freeman.  Once your laundry’s application is approved you will contract with TRSA for certification and inspection services.

Initial certification will be by a paper audit with an inspection conducted during the first year to verify the paperwork. Recertification is required every three years with an inspection during each such interval.

Note to Multi-Plant Companies

This is a company-wide certification program: organizations with more than one plant must apply to enroll all of them in Clean Green. For a company with 10 or more plants, 90% of the submitting company plants must qualify for certification. Companies with less than 10 plants must have a qualification level of 75% or more. After initial certification based on a paper audit, 10% of a company’s plants will undergo a physical audit over a three-year period (or at least one plant for each company with10 or less plants).  Those plants will be chosen either at random or through TRSA oversight to ensure fair selection.

Acquired plants are exempt from submission for three years from the date of acquisition. Clean room facilities are exempt from the 100% enrollment requirement.

Application Procedure

1. Download, print and complete the Application for Clean Green Certification and send to TRSA immediately with application fee payment by check or credit card.

2. When TRSA has received all documentation, TRSA will contact the Primary Contact Person to gather more needed laundry facility information and devise a custom plan for enrollment in the Clean Green program.