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Resources for Launderers

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Videos for Your Customers & Prospects
TRSA’s Marketing & PR Committee created this series of four 1- to 2-minute YouTube videos to help Clean Green companies explain the certification to customers. One video provides an overview; the others focus on positioning textile services against disposables and home laundering and describing the corporate commitment to certification.
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Brochure for Textile Services Marketplace
A 5.5-by-8.5-inch bi-fold presentation of why a customer should choose a Clean Green certified company for textile services. Print-ready PDF for 8.5-by-11-inch paper, easy to digi-print or reproduce on a color copier. Explains laundry proficiency, roots of certification (TRSA, EPA, ASTM), how textile services facilities achieve production economies
Download/Print “Choose a Committed Launderer” Brochure

Truck Decals
A limited number of these 10¾-by-12-inch and 21½-by-24-inch reproductions of the Clean Green logo are available FREE to certified companies as long as you send photos to TRSA of them in place on a company truck. Rated for 3-year life; shipping charges may apply.
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Green Restaurant Association
GRA has incorporated Clean Green into its Green Restaurant program, enabling restaurants to earn points toward the Green Restaurant designation by using a Clean Green certified laundry. A restaurant qualifies for GRA certification by attaining 100 points from a variety of practices related to water, energy and waste. Each restaurant must then recertify annually, making an additional 10 points worth of improvements to maintain certification. Any restaurant utilizing a Clean Green certified laundry receives four points: two in the energy practices category and two in water practices.
Link to GRA Certification Standards

Why Your Company Should Participate
Use this brochure to explain to your colleagues the value of obtaining and maintaining the Clean Green designation. This document details the relatively easy process of intial certification, why it represents a competitive advantage, how it differentiates your business, how TRSA promotes the program. Print-ready PDF for 8.5-by-11-inch paper.
Download/Print “Verify Your Commitment” Brochure