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Textile Services Industry | TRSA Service Awards

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Textile services is a demanding business. Not everyone has the skills and dedication to succeed, whether they’re in production, route service, engineering, maintenance, sales or other areas. Still, a number of employees manage to grow with the industry. Many end up devoting their careers to textile services, often with a single company. That’s why TRSA offers a program of service awards to recognize these senior employees from every company.

TRSA’s service awards consist of a certificate of merit that’s issued during the association’s Annual Meeting to employees who have worked in the industry for at least 25 years. Thereafter, additional certificates are given in five-year increments as the employee reaches his or her 30th, 35th and 40th anniversaries, etc. Upon reaching one’s 50th year in textile services, the employee receives an engraved plaque in recognition of his or her tenure. Any employees who do not attend the Annual Meeting to accept their award in person will receive their certificates by mail or from another company representative who is in attendance.

To recognize an employee for his/her service, select the appropriate award category then complete the rest of this form. To submit another, after completing your first nomination, simply click “Return to form.”

Nominations are accepted year-round for this award.