Environmental & Sustainability

TRSA’s Environmental & Sustainability Committee provides subject matter expertise and guidance to TRSA’s leadership and staff on compliance and resource conservation matters–proposing and enacting projects, initiatives and research

March 30, 2022 AgendaCurrent Projects | Committee Members | TRSA Staff Liaison

Current Projects

As environmental groups seek to curb discharges of these to sewers, linen and uniform services are targeted as major point sources, although collectively our industry discharges far less than all home washing. Still, California acted to require our laundries to filter 100% of all microfibers from our wastewater, which could cost $1 million per plant. While TRSA was able to kill this bill, it will be reconsidered. The committee plans to quantify our industry’s discharges from textiles to develop a response.

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

These man-made chemicals are manufactured and used in a variety of industries around the globe, including food packaging and processing, household products, fire-fighting, chrome plating and electronics manufacturing. PFAS are also added to textiles to make them flame-resistant retardant and waterproof. Based on our use of such items, regulators are interested in limiting our PFAS discharges. The committee is gathering more information on PFAS in our supply chain. TRSA has met with EPA officials to educate them on our industry’s de minimis impact.

Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) Manual

The committee is enhancing Working with Your POTW to make it user-friendly to plant and floor managers, the individuals in plant operations most responsible for implementing tactics that assure compliance with POTW permit requirements. The update will feature new case studies.

Committee Members

Co-Chair: Jim Buik – Roscoe Company, Chicago, IL
Co-Chair: John Schultz – Ellis Corp., Itasca, IL
Bob Corfield – Laundry Design Group, Las Vegas, NV
Tom Dikos – ARAMARK Uniform Services Inc., Mokena, IL
Richard Fiola – Aqua Engineers
Mike Reeks – Washing Systems, Tinley Park, IL
Tom Turick – Diamond Chemical Co. Inc., Howell, NJ

TRSA Staff Liaison

Kevin Schwalb