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Current Projects | Committee Members | TRSA Staff Liaison

Current Projects
  • Researching the different Restaurant Associations that we could partner with to promote the use of rental textiles. We hope to have surveys and possible giveaways to create a better presence at restaurant association trade shows reinforcing the benefits of using a linen rental service. We plan to have representation at the National Restaurant Association’s show in Chicago in May.
  • Contacting Culinary Schools to allow some of our committee members to present information regarding the value of using a linen rental service. This will be instrumental in teaching new professionals in the industry the value of using linen as opposed to disposable.
  • Compiling marketing material to create an interest in rental linen and uniforms verses having on premises laundry or disposable products. We would like to conduct a cost analysis of using linen verses having an on-premise laundry or paper products.  This will be used for sales programs and supporting the move to green.
  • Putting together some marketing materials that can be used in sales for textile rental service. This would include using Hygienically Clean Food Service as a marketing tool to show the value of using rental linens for food safety.
  • Reviewing ways that the Hygienically Clean Food Service certification can be marketed to show the benefits of using a linen service for food safety.

March 2018 Meeting Notes

Committee Members

Andre Blanc – Pellerin Milnor, Cornelius, NC
Scott Burke – Loop Linen Service, Inc., Westwego, LA
Steve Crow – Venus Group, San Antonio, TX
Jhonathan Diaz – White Plains Linen, Peekskill, NY
Karl Fillip – Novo Healthservices LLC, Atlanta, GA
Mike Knowles – Superior Linen Service, Tulsa, OK
Dan Medley – Shasta Linen Supply, Sacramento, CA
Alexis Miller – Regent Apparel, San Francisco, CA
Bob Pestrak – Riegel Linen, Greenville, SC
Noël Richardson – Shasta Linen Supply, Sacramento, CA
Chris Sear – Aramark Uniform Services, Pittsburgh, PA
John Yarbrough – BTG Textiles, Inc., Vernon, CA

TRSA Staff Liaison

Tom Newell
703.519.0029, ext. 104