Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee mission statement is to provide an executive forum to promote the exchange of knowledge, to serve as a resource for best practices, and to ensure the textile rental industry is recognized as a great place to work.

March 24, 2021 Meeting Agenda  | 2021 Meeting Dates |  Current Projects | Committee Members | TRSA Staff Liaison

2021 Meeting Dates

Q1 – March 24  |  Q2 – May 5 |  Q3 – August 5  |  Q4 – November 2

Current Projects
Textile Services Magazine Contributions

Would You Use Surveillance to Determine Whether an Employee was Misusing Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA) Leave?Sean Hearn (Mission Linen Supply), Audrey Russell (Wildman Uniform & Linen), Kelly Saliba (Economy Linen and Towel Services Inc.), May 2018

Welcome Aboard! Staff-Turnover Reduction Primer – Sean Hearn (Mission Linen Supply), Brenda Stauffer (Balfurd Healthcare & Linen Rentals), January 2018

Hiring Help: TRSA HR Chairman Weighs In – Sean Hearn (Mission Linen Supply), June 2017

Second Chances for Ex-Cons; Opportunities for Employers – Kelly Saliba (Economy Linen), Vickie Roby (Miler’s Textile Services), September 2017

Recruit the Right Way, Reap the Benefits – Lee Anh Mai (Service Linen Supply), April 2015

HR Sponsored Webinars

Sexual Harassment- An Old Problem Under a New Spotlight, Jan. 10, 2018

Anatomy of an HR LawsuitSept. 6, 2017

How to Attract, Hire & Keep the Best, March 9, 2017

A Simple Guide to Effectively Manage Your Time & Increase ProductivityMarch 2, 2016

Wellness is Working, Sept. 30, 2015

Human Resources Practices

As a result of member requests for employee training resources and sample written dress code policies, a TRSA Training Resource Library of books, Professional Development Apps, a Corporate Training Case Study, and Dress Code Guidelines were compiled.

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TRSA Career Center

In 2016, Committee members shared information on company cell-phone policies, recommended Payroll and HRIS companies, the use of Personality Assessments for hiring, the impact of legalization of Marijuana on HR Policy, and POT policies.  In addition, they provided feedback suggested job category titles for the online TRSA Career Center.

TRSA Career Center

Surveys and Benchmarking

The committee has conducted surveys on the following topics:

  • 2018 Survey on Drug Testing Policies, Procedures and Legislative Impact
  • Production Turnover Rate
  • Employee Screening Tactics
  • Employee Absenteeism & Company Attendance Policies
  • Route Driver Compensation Methods
  • T&E and Gift Policies
  • HR Staffing Structures
  • Voluntary Terminations
  • Profit Sharing Structures

The committee is also responsible for conducting the Annual Employee Compensation & Benefits Survey and distribution of the final report.

2019 Plant Employee Compensation Report


Five Considerations for Improving Employee Retention, Clean Show, Brenda Stauffer (Balfurd Healthcare & Linen Rentals), June 5, 2017

The committee had input in the planning and execution of the 1st Annual Workforce Management Summit on April 18, 2017 in Chicago, IL.

Committee Members

Chair: Catalina Dongo – Unifirst Corporation, Wilmington, MA
Vice Chair: Karen Griffiths – Loop Linen Service Inc., Westwago, LA
Carmen Berrelleza – Prudential Overall Supply, Irvine, CA
Jodie Cornell – Miller’s Textile Services Inc., Wapakoneta, OH
Theresa Faulkner – Roscoe Company, Chicago, IL
Hilda Fuentes-Highsmith – Cintas Corporation, Mason, OH
Rosemary Gelinas – General Linen Service Company, Inc., Somersworth, NH
Megan Guarnaccia – Sohn Linen Service, Lansing, MI
Sean Hearn – Mission Linen Service, Sacramento, CA
Russell Holt – Superior Linen Services, Tulsa, OK
Angela Howard – Spindle, Woodridge, IL
Jen Janiak – Huebsch Services, Eau Claire, WI
LeAnh Mai – Service Linen Supply Inc., Renton, WA
Tina Marrero – Mickey’s Linen, Chicago, IL
JonPaul McFarand – Alsco, Salt Lake City, UT
Leah Neifert – West Michigan Uniform, Holland, MI
Lynne Norling – Morgan Services Inc., Chicago, IL
Mary Onifer – Reino Linen Service Inc., Brownstown, MI
Thomas Rankin – Paris Companies, Dubois, PA
Brian Reitz – CLEAN – The Uniform Company, Saint Louis, MO
Jamee Rivers – ImageFirst, King of Prussia, PA
Katie Rowland – Plymate, Shelbyville, IN
Audrey Russell – Wildman Uniform & Linen, Warsaw, IN
Kelly Saliba – Economy Linen & Towel Service Inc., Zanesville, OH
Alden L. Senior – Morgan Services Inc., Chicago, IL
Brenda Stauffer – Balfurd Healthcare & Linen Rentals, Tipton, PA
Trisha Sullivan – Gunderson Uniform & Linen Rental, Menasha, WI
Cathy Warrin – Nixon Uniform Service and Medical Wear, New Castle, DE

TRSA Staff Liaison

Meredyth Ellington
703-519-0029, ext. 100