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Women in Textile Services

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The Mission

The Women in Textile Services (WITS) Committee encourages women to join our industry; share innovative ideas through networking; mentor the young men and women who are the next generation of emerging leaders; and serve as a resource for education on industry issues.

Since inception, we have:

  • Produced webinars
  • Featured female industry leaders in Textile Service magazine
  • Hosted “Ice Breaker Cocktails” at many TRSA events, which fosters opportunities for women in the industry to come together in a casual setting.
  • Sent personal outreach to all PMI and EMI attendees, encouraging them to reach out to committee members, to join our LinkedIn Group, and to stay in the business!
  • Conducted a panel presentation on workplace diversity and women in the industry at the 2017 Production Summit – View Full Article
  • Sponsored a Women in Textile Services lunch at The Clean Show, featuring Shavon Lindley, CEO of Women Evolution – View Full Article

For 2018:

  • Conducted a panel at the February Production Summit, the featured topic was “building a positive company culture,” and will include professional communications techniques, productive conflict, fostering trust and accountability, defining your values, and leadership development. A rep will be part of the panel to help diagnose real world challenges faced by our fellow panelists.
  • Effective January of 2018, Textile Services Monthly will launch a new monthly feature entitled, “Textile Services Women on the Move.” We have crafted a series of standardized questions concerning career paths, motivators, mentors, challenges, etc. Please submit women who would be good candidates for this feature: including owners/operators, managers, floor supervisors, sales reps, service reps, associate members, etc.
  • In March, we would like to pull together enough women to go as a group to Capitol Hill during our Leadership and Legislative Conference. Ideally, we would schedule to meet with female representatives to discuss industry issues. Also at the legislative conference, we will host a Women in Textile Services table at the dinner in lieu of icebreaker cocktails.
  • We will continue to host Ice Breaker Cocktails at TRSA Events. If you plan to attend any events in 2018 and would like to serve as a hostess, that would be terrific! All that is required is to “show up” at the designated place and make introductions, welcome women to the event, etc.
  • Women in Textiles will also present another webinar this fall. Please share ideas for topics or presentations.
  • Johanna Ames (Chair), Ames Linen Service, Cortland, NY
  • Kelly Starman (Vice Chair), Regent Apparel, South San Francisco, CA
  • Noel Richardson (TRSA Board Liasion), Shasta Linen Supply Inc., Sacramento, CA
  • Candice Ariola, Thermopatch Corp., Syracuse, NY
  • Randi-Blumenthal-Joseph, Penn Emblem Co., Philadelphia, PA
  • Annette Casemero, AmeriPride, Vernon, CA
  • Valene Gibboney, Alsco Inc., Rogue River, OR
  • Barbara Herman, SanMar Corporation, Issaquah, WA
  • Peg Knudson, AmeriPride, Fargo, ND
  • Samantha Lesniak, Roscoe Company, Chicago, IL
  • Kaitlin B. O’Hara, Falvey Linen Supply, Providence, RI
  • Nicole Palmer, Prudential Overall Supply, Fresno, CA
  • Camille S. Peters, Mobile Computing Corp. Inc., Mississauga, ON Canada
Staff Liaison

Salita Jones
703.519.0029, ext. 108