4-Star Laundry Sells Rental Business

Posted February 12, 2016 at 1:10 pm

4-Star Laundry, Plattsmouth, NE, is downsizing its business, according to local media reports. Max I. Walker Cleaners, Omaha, NE, will be taking over many of 4-Star’s accounts.

“We are closing the rental and delivery side of the business,” said owner Judy Thompson. “We will be open for all drop offs whether that be personal or commercial laundry. That includes comforters, clothing and commercial linens.”

The family has debated downsizing for the past year, the report noted. The high cost of the delivery and rental side of the business, in addition to federal and state taxes, forced the company to make this decision. The business suffered a fire eight years ago, and recovery from the blaze has been tough, the report said.

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