AdBrand Study – Readers Rely on TS Magazine

Posted April 14, 2016 at 5:00 pm

The results of Textile Services’ latest readership survey, the AdBrand™ study that measures audience perceptions is now in, and it confirms once again why this publication is valued by both laundry executives and suppliers.

“It has been a great source for connecting with colleagues, new equipment,” wrote one of the more than 100 laundry operators who completed the online survey of February’s issue of Textile Services. Another respondent commented that, “I like it for new product info and contact info which is reliable.”

Nearly 70% of the respondents praised the advertising in Textile Services as educational and “an important part of the publication.” Fifty-two percent of respondents said they read the magazine “as much for the advertising as for the articles.”

One of the reasons advertisers find these studies valuable is that the respondents include key decision makers at their companies. The study noted that nearly two-thirds of the respondents identified themselves as either: owner/president/CEO/COO (20%); vice president/general manager (21%); or plant manager/production manager/director of operations (23%).

The survey noted that 83% of the respondents are involved in recommending, specifying or approving purchases of one or more types of goods and services for their laundry operations. Specific examples include: laundry processing equipment (56%), linens/textiles (52%) and chemicals (49%). Overall, 86% of respondents said they took one or more actions – ranging from visiting a vendor website to buying products – based on reading ads or articles in Textile Services.

The study, conducted by Signet Research Inc., Englewood, NJ, gave the 29 display advertisers who participated in the February issue detailed feedback on how laundry operators perceive their company and its products/services. The key responses came in three forms:

First, the AdBrand Score, i.e., the combined percentage of readers who said they are aware of the company and those who’d consider doing business with them if their company had a need for those goods/services. The top-scoring ads in terms of their AdBrand score include:

  • JENSEN USA: 183
  • Pellerin Milnor Corp.: 174
  • American Dawn Inc.: 164
  • Mountville Mills Inc.: 164
  • Ecolab Textile Care Div.: 163
  • Milliken & Co.: 163.

Second, the same group of advertisers earned top honors in terms of their “perception” scores. These were tabulated as a “net perception” score, meaning that respondents associated the company with one or more of the five categories, including: quality products/services, service/support, innovation, reputation and value. The leaders in this area included:

  • Pellerin Milnor Corp. 77%
  • Mountville Mills Inc. 73%
  • Milliken & Co. 75%
  • Ecolab Textile Care Div. 68%
  • American Dawn Inc. 67%

Third, each respondent also was given the opportunity to provide verbatim comments in a box next to each ad that allowed them to elaborate on their views of the company and its products/services. Most companies received 1-2 pages of printed comments, ranging from highly positive assessments to critical views, as well as a wide range of opinions on the content and appeal of each ad.

Many of the respondents – all of whom receive the print Textile Services – also subscribe to our free e-newsletter, Textile Services Weekly. In fact, 72% said they get the e-newsletter and of that group, nearly 60% said they read it almost every week.

TRSA and the staff of Textile Services would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey. Our next readership survey, the Signet AdStudy, is slated for the July issue. That study asks readers whether they remember seeing or reading the ads in that month’s issue. The AdStudy also includes a section for verbatim comments on each ad. Operators or advertisers may contact Textile Services Sr. Editor Jack Morgan at 877.770.9274 or, or a Textile Services ad representative, if you have questions about the study.