AmeriPride Adds Hydraulic Hybrid to Fleet

Posted November 20, 2014 at 6:51 pm

AmeriPride Services Inc., Minnetonka, MN, is testing its first fuel-efficient hydraulic hybrid system this month, according to a news release. The vehicle, a 2014 Ford F59 chassis with a Morgan Olson Route Star walk-in van body, will be tested at one of the company’s Canadian Linen branches in Toronto. AmeriPride selected Lightning Hybrids to significantly reduce fuel consumption, reduce brake maintenance costs and cut emissions for cleaner air.

The Lightning Hybrids system captures, stores and reuses braking energy, which is normally wasted in the conventional, non-hybrid vehicle. In addition to better fuel economy, the hybrid is cleaner, emitting lower emissions and brake particulates. "Testing this hydraulic hybrid is a part of a larger company initiative to reduce energy consumption and our carbon footprint," said Brian Keegan, senior vice president of plant operations and supply chain for AmeriPride Services and Canadian Linen. “Last year our company launched a pilot program to test compressed natural gas, propane and plug-in electric vehicles in an effort to positively impact the environment and assess the impact on the company’s overall operations.”

The company is already using fuel-efficient sedans instead of cargo vans, and rerouted a majority of its service routes to reduce mileage. It has stepped up internal controls to reduce idling and speeding, as well as training and communication with drivers to increase awareness and promote change in driving habits. AmeriPride also has purchased double-decker, semi-truck trailers with twice the cargo capacity to further reduce fuel and emissions.

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