AquaRecycle Teams with Water-Tech Innovator

Posted December 27, 2016 at 7:46 pm

Voltea, a global leader in membrane-Capacitive Deionizaton (CapDI©) a system that offers salt-free and chemical-free water softening and desalinization, recently announced a partnership with AquaRecycle, a developer of water-recycling systems for laundry applications with hundreds of global installations.

This new arrangement represents an expanded role for AquaRecycle in Voltea’s distribution network, according to a news release from the company, which is based in the Netherlands, but also operates a U.S. office in Farmer’s Branch, TX.

Through this expanded partnership, AquaRecycle, Atlanta, will serve as the exclusive representative of Voltea’s CapDI technology for laundry wastewater reuse applications throughout the United States. Voltea’s CapDI technology complements AquaRecycle’s systems by enhancing their performance, the release said. In the past 18 months, AquaRecycle has deployed Voltea’s CapDI technology in numerous laundry facilities, including the hospitality sector for customers such as Hilton Worldwide, Marriott International, Starwood and Hyatt Hotels, as well as the U.S. Navy and healthcare sectors, among others.

“There are many applications for Voltea’s CapDI technology in laundries, including no-salt, chemical-free softening of feed water, and removing dissolved salts from high-temperature recycled water to improve quality,” said Voltea CEO L. Bryan Brister. “We wanted a forward-thinking partner with a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to the laundry industry. AquaRecycle is an innovative force in the industry and the perfect partner for Voltea.”

AquaRecycle President Jeff Lebedin returned the compliment, noting that, “AquaRecycle is very excited about the opportunity to add CapDI technology to our Purify product line. As laundry operations continue to become more efficient, our ability to effectively and economically purify our recycled and reuse water is revolutionary. Our multi-million dollar, long-term exclusive distributorship with Voltea will give us the opportunity to continue to rapidly grow our business model.”

Carlos Camero, sr. VP of global sales for Voltea, added that, “We are thrilled to be working with AquaRecycle, a leading supplier of water-treatment solutions and technology. We believe CapDI offers a competitive advantage over traditional technologies and the immediate benefit of increasing water recovery, while improving the water quality being recycled in the closed-loop process. This high-efficiency operation offers end users significant OpEx savings that are sustainable and provide the lowest total cost of ownership.” Click here for details.