Braun Partners with Filipino Supplier

Posted September 8, 2016 at 7:21 pm

(l/r) James Dee, director Asia-Pacific, G.A. Braun Inc.; Joseph Gudenburr, president G.A. Braun; Alex Dumayag, vice president, sales, Technolux Group; William Stelton, founder, chairman and CEO, Technolux Group; J.B. Werner, CEO and chairman of the board, G.A. Braun; and Joel Graham, CFO, G.A. Braun. 

G.A. Braun Inc., Syracuse, NY, recently announced a mutual, exclusive partnership with a Filipino supplier of laundry machinery and other products, Technolux Equipment Supply Corp.

“Our entire organization is very pleased with the partnership that we have forged with Technolux over the past 24 months,” said Joe Gudenburr, president of G.A. Braun, in a news release. “Technolux shares Braun’s commitment to service and customer support. We feel very good about the cultural, operational and business alignment that our two organizations share, and we look forward to serving our customers and expanding our mutual strategic interests in the Philippines and beyond.”

William Stelton, founder and chairman of Technolux, based in Manila, added that he’s also pleased with the new agreement. “We are excited to work with Braun on an exclusive basis,” he said. “This relationship is based on the same integrity we bring to all our partners and customers. Over the years, we have become the supplier of choice because of the investment we have made in service and our response to customers’ needs. Knowing Braun’s reputation and commitment, I am certain we will be a formidable team.”

Technolux is the largest distributor in the Philippines of food service small wares, and laundry and cleaning equipment to hotels, resorts, hospitals, manufacturers, restaurants and other businesses, the release said. Its services range from laundry consultation and design to installation, training and support capabilities.