Cintas Celebrates 16th, Final VPP Certification in Indiana

Posted December 14, 2018 at 10:09 am

The Indiana Department of Labor recently announced that all 16 Cintas Corp. locations in Indiana have achieved STAR status in the Indiana Voluntary Protection Program for workplace safety and health excellence, according to a news release.

Cintas Corp. location 314 in Evansville, IN, is the most recent and final site to achieve STAR status. Certification in VPP is an achievement that identifies employers who serve as model worksites for Hoosier workplace safety and health.

“Cintas Corp.’s achievement is extraordinary, unmatched by any other Hoosier company, and has taken many years to accomplish,” said Indiana Department of Labor Commissioner Rick Ruble. “We applaud Cintas for its exceptional commitment to protecting workers not just in the Hoosier state, but across the country.”

Across the  United States, Cintas leads in VPP and has more STAR-certified sites than any other company, the release said. “At Cintas, we are committed to safety and ensuring that every employee-partner goes home safe at the end of each work day,” said Stephen Jenkins, safety and health director, Cintas Corp. “We could not be prouder of our Indiana operations for helping Cintas become the first company in the state to achieve such a prestigious designation.”

The Indiana Department of Labor (IDOL) and Cintas have established a successful working relationship, partnering to develop and market workplace safety and health practices to share within their own facilities, as well as other Hoosier employers. Cintas has demonstrated commitment to the goal of protecting their employees by means of supporting a culture of proactive safety and health, Ruble said.