Cintas Celebrates Earth Day Initiatives

Posted April 22, 2015 at 1:53 pm

In honor of Earth Day, Cintas Corp. recently launched its annual eco-friendly campaign, called “It’s Our Turn to Lead,” highlighting steps the company has taken to reduce its environmental footprint. Through ’14 sales of its eco-friendly apparel collections, for example, Cintas diverted 19.5 million plastic bottles from landfills, saved 1,188 gallons of gas and saved enough water to fill 1,329 Olympic-sized pools.

By using recycled or plant-based fibers in its fabrics, Cintas uses 30% less energy during production, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by up to 63%. This savings is the equivalent of energy equivalent of powering a laptop for more than 6 million work days, lighting an average-sized building for more than 43 years or powering an air conditioner for 222 years.

In addition to sustainable apparel, Cintas’ industrial laundries also demonstrate cost savings when compared to a home laundry. The company’s efforts have resulted in a 66% energy reduction, or enough electricity to heat 7,443 homes and an 80% soap reduction, or the equivalent of 10 million containers of home detergent.

Cintas also reduces waste through its community outreach programs. Through its partnership with a local charity, it has donated in excess of 13.6 million lbs. of product. “We lead by supporting local communities and offering sustainable products and services, said Pamela Brailsford, senior director of Supplier Diversity and Sustainability. Through these efforts, we reduce our environmental footprint and help customers to do the same.” Click here for Cintas’ corporate sustainability report.