Cintas Staffer Recognized for Giving Back

Posted November 12, 2014 at 7:29 pm

As a shining example of Cintas’ spirit, Brian Adkins has been helping the company’s clothing drive since 2011. In fact, he and his wife have donated 94,795 items-to date, according to a news release.

“Brian is an example of the character, compassion, and care for others that we at Cintas pride ourselves in having,” said Cintas CEO Scott Farmer. “Such goodwill is an important piece of our story, an element of our tradition, the essence of our business.”

Adkins began soliciting donations for Clothe the Kids campaign simply by posting a call to action on social media as well as using traditional methods, including personal phone calls, hand delivering flyers and personally visiting businesses and churches all around the Tri-State (Kentucky, Ohio & West Virginia). He even stopped by yard sales, leaving his name and number for unsold or unwanted items. He quickly built a contact list, but more importantly, a reputation of trust, according to Manager Leigh Wallen, Grayson, KY.

What started as a drive for needy children has now turned into something larger than he imagined. Adkins regularly receives donations that are helping families in need after house fires, floods and tornadoes. In fact, his daily routine is to wake up early and travel across the Tri-State area to pick up donations before he begins his own workday. 

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