City Workplace Uniforms Promotes Sustainability

Posted April 30, 2015 at 7:37 pm

City Workplace Uniforms and Mats’ philosophy is twofold: focus on sustainability and social responsibility.

The company, based in Oelwein, IA, recently reduced its watt usage by almost 50%, changing over 900 lightbulbs to LED lighting. The laundry worked hand-in-hand with Sitler’s Supplies, a specialty lighting company, to improve its energy efficiency, according to a local news report. This move not only saved money, but it improved working conditions for the company. “The lighting is more crisp, clear and more natural, and it does have a positive effect on how everyone works,” said City’s Maintenance Engineer Jamie Randall “Overall, LED lights consume less and cost less to operate. This conversion makes sense all around.”

Since many of City’s processes and operations impact the environment, Vice President and General Manager Colin Wetlaufer says his staff works wherever it can to promote conservation. “We are always thinking about the future and our impact on it,” Wetlaufer said. “We do our part and hope others do the same. There are a lot of benefits when you focus on sustainability.” The company is helping support the Oelwein’s Hometown Rewards Program, which educates businesses and residents on different ways to be more energy-efficient.

On Earth Day, April 22, City also raised awareness by giving each employee a company organic cotton T-shirt along with the benefits City has experienced from their “green” approach to doing business. City’s energy efficiency will save 45,630 kWh and reduce 57,991 pounds of CO2 annually, according to Renford Miller, a lighting consultant. That’s equivalent to taking five cars off the road and planting eight acres of trees annually.

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