Compensation Report Provides Vital Benchmarks

Posted December 16, 2022 at 12:29 pm

Now available for download, the 2022 TRSA Plant Employee Compensation Report provides detailed salary, wage and fringe benefit results for linen, uniform and facility services operators. This year, the survey was revised to include salary and hourly rates in ranges, instead of exact numbers.

This revision encouraged more human resources (HR) managers to be able to complete the survey. Other updates to the survey included expanded diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) questions including growth measurement of DEI programs and questions on flexible work schedules, like remote work options and varying eight- and 10-hour workdays.

Results profiled in the report are based on compensation and benefit data provided by 38 participating operators, totaling 40,422 employees in 20 wage classifications. The tables and graphs are designed to provide comprehensive, yet straightforward guidelines for analyzing compensation packages among operators.

Results of operator member companies are broken down by:

• Annual sales volume (under $5 million, $5-10M, $10-50M, $50M+)
• Number of locations (single, two, three or more)
• Market specialty (industrial, food-and-beverage, linen, healthcare and mixed rental operations)
• Regional analysis:
o New England
o Mid-Atlantic
o South
o Midwest
o West
• Overview of the position descriptions of the 15 salaried job positions used to compile the report

TRSA determined that 33% of the organizations surveyed have taken steps toward integrating DEI into their organization’s operations, structure and mission. Elements like expanding HR roles to include responsibilities for DEI issues and communicating company commitment internally to staff and employees, were just a few of the items mentioned.

Survey participants received a free copy of the final report. Both TRSA members and nonmembers may purchase this or any of the annual benchmark reports through the TRSA webstore at A discount off the retail price is offered for multiple copies of any benchmarking report.