Dempsey ‘See-Through’ Design Earns Truck Award

Posted March 1, 2017 at 5:46 pm

Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply, Jessup, PA, recently earned recognition from a fleet trade magazine for its creative truck design that gives motorists an image of the garments, linens, mops and other goods inside the trailer, according to an article in the Commercial Carrier Journal.

The graphics on the truck create a 3-D effect that makes it look as though the truck is open. It’s a clever illusion, but company Vice President Kristin Dempsey says motorists don’t always figure out that the truck’s see-through design is in fact a clever application of graphics. “The idea behind our design was to convey the products and services that Dempsey provides in an eye-catching way,” Dempsey said in the December 2016 article. “It’s been effective. Our drivers have been flagged at stoplights by concerned citizens telling them to close their doors!”

Projecting an image of product cleanliness is the message behind the design campaign, the article said. The publication was so impressed with the Dempsey trucks that it ranked the company’s fleet at #3 in its “5 Flashiest Fleets” awards program. Under a heading that said “Why we liked it,” the publication’s Equipment Editor Jason Cannon said, “One of the most critical elements of a linen or uniform service is that their goods be clean and the colors and usage of white space on the trailer do a good job of giving off an appearance of cleanliness. That the graphic looks like a storage closet is a unique way to visually showcase the company’s products in an organized, effective manner.” Click here for details.