Diapers to Laundry: Wash Cycle Builds its Business

Posted December 9, 2016 at 2:42 pm

A recent article in The Philadelphia Citizen, an online publication dedicated to topics of interest in that city, profiled Wash Cycle Laundry and the company’s founder Gabriel Mandujano. The six-year-old, Philadelphia-based business got its start when Mandujano began looking at getting into the cloth diaper business at the request of a friend, according to the article.

While Mandujano didn’t ultimately get into the cloth diaper business, the thought did spark an interest in providing a commercial laundry service. The service, which carts its laundry via bicycle to its local facilities, as well as in Washington, DC, where the company expanded after finding success in Philadelphia, found an entry point into the laundry market by targeting smaller businesses, such as nursing homes.

After achieving success with smaller businesses, the company has moved on to serving larger entities such as hospitals and universities. For example, Wash Cycle now has an exclusive laundry deal with Georgetown University in DC.

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