Drawing on the ‘Young’ Leaders of Tomorrow

Posted May 23, 2017 at 4:09 pm

The youthful artist’s rendering of Ames Linen Service shown below is the creative product of eight-year-old Mason Coats. He is the son of Ames’ owner, Johanna Ames, who operates the healthcare and food and beverage laundry in Cortland, NY.

Ames told Textile Services Weekly that her son, a second-grader, decided to write about his family’s laundry business as part of a school assignment. Students were told to think and write what they’d do if they had their own business, such as a grocery store. Some dreamed up fictional enterprises; Mason based his on the real-life business that is Ames Linen, a member of TRSA.

When asked why Mason chose the family-owned laundry for his project, Ames said it’s probably because she spends so much time there. “They come around when I’m doing projects because that’s when I’m working all the time. We put in a new sling system. We put a new garment conveyor in last year. So, yes, he’s been here watching the construction. It’s kind of funny. When mommy works all weekend, they come see mommy at work.”

Ames noted that while Mason has shown an interest in the laundry business, he doesn’t actually work there … yet, although he did help demonstrate some new finishing equipment that was recently installed at Ames Linen. “On Sunday, we were testing a new feeder, folder and stacker. So he hung some tablecloths with me and watched them go. He was pretty excited about it, actually. It’s funny. But as a rule, no, he does not do anything here other than play with my highlighters and paper.”

When asked if Mason is a good prospect for joining the business someday, Ames responds with a laugh. “Are you kidding me? I don’t know if I want to wait 30 years for that!”

For those “young leaders” who are already in the linen, uniform and facility services industry, TRSA is sponsoring a program in Chicago this summer designed to help them network with colleagues and refine their skills. On July 20-21, TRSA will host a dinner meeting in Chicago, followed by a morning workshop on family business issues led by consultant David Ransburg. This invitation-only program will conclude with a baseball game between the Chicago Cubs against the St. Louis Cardinals. Click here for details.