Feb. Roundtables Will Help Control Linen Expense

Posted January 6, 2012 at 2:25 pm

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TRSA’s first-ever Executive Roundtables for company leaders with laundries serving restaurant/F&B and hotel/lodging operations, scheduled for Feb. 6-9 at Florida’s Walt Disney World, will feature the unveiling of new TRSA benchmarking research that will enable such launderers to assess whether their business practices are delivering maximum return on their investment in supplies and equipment.

Matt Alexander, a veteran of operations, consulting and equipment supply for hotel laundering, will outline plans to develop TRSA’s Hospitality Textile Life Cycle Survey. To be conducted by his firm, Pertl & Alexander LLC, Jamesville, NY, this study will examine factors that determine the lifespan of goods used by the hotel industry, including processing, use, theft, loss, abuse and degradation. He’ll look to meeting participants to guide the course of this research project.

He’ll share his 30 years of experience working with the hotel industry to prompt executives to take advantage of more economical laundry operations – either building large central laundries of their own to replace on-premises facilities (OPLs) or outsourcing their work.

Alexander has led the charge internationally to develop more effective laundry management practices in the industry, including creating better metrics for reporting textile lifecycle costs. He’s also prompted hospitality and healthcare laundries to make better use of laboratory testing, particularly comprehensive ANSI-specified methods, to pinpoint the impacts of their own linen and laundry procedures on textile degradation.

Alexander’s presentation will contrast typical hotel industry laundry practices, OPL and central, with the COG/NOG/rental segment. He’ll explain how the Hospitality Textile Life Cycle Survey and other TRSA research, networking and education initiatives can help the hotel industry control costs and better serve customers with cleaner, less defective linen.

February’s Executive Roundtables are the first TRSA meetings focused on these major markets, breaking valuable new ground for your business. Whether your company serves one or both of these markets or just wants to learn more about them, you’ll benefit greatly from this opportunity to:

  • See the advanced technologies and practices deployed by Walt Disney World (WDW) Textile Services in handling laundry work for these types of businesses.
  • Discuss with executives from companies participating in the Roundtables how laundry operations in general can serve F&B and hotel/lodging operations more effectively and efficiently.
  • Explore opportunities for capturing new restaurant business as well as additional sales to existing F&B accounts as TRSA's Director of PR & Marketing Ken Koepper presents market-specific data from TRSA's 2012 Strategic Analysis of the Textile Services Industry.

On Wednesday, Feb. 8, both groups will tour WDW Textile Services’ facilities together. Launderers who serve restaurant/F&B customers will have their roundtable discussions on Tuesday and execs in the Hotel/Lodging market will do the same on Thursday.

The host hotel for the event is Disney’s Boardwalk Inn at WDW. Hotel registration information is available on the event registration website (link above).