Flood Response: Help for Louisiana Operators

Posted August 18, 2016 at 1:46 pm

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In the midst of epic flooding that’s dumped up to 30 inches of rain in southern Louisiana in recent days, TRSA wants its members in the region to know that a team of consultants is headed their way. 

DCMC Partners, a Washington DC-based group, will be available on a “pro bono” basis if needed to answer questions about filing insurance claims, dealing with federal or state authorities providing aid, business continuation issues and more.

“TRSA has close ties to DCMC Partners, including executives Barry Scanlon and Drew Sachs, who will address emergency-planning issues at our upcoming Production Summit & Tours, this October in New Orleans,” said TRSA President and CEO Joseph Ricci. “These two principals are now, or soon will be in Louisiana, to help clients deal with flood issues. They will be available to TRSA members as well to help with a range of challenges.”

Operators who may need help with insurance claims, business continuation or have other questions may contact Sachs at dsachs@dcmcpartners.com or 207.699.7005.

Sachs told Textile Services Weekly that businesses impacted by severe flooding or other natural or manmade disasters typically have three issues that they must confront. The first is filing insurance claims and dealing with the requirements of insurers to ensure maximum coverage of losses. Secondly, depending on the amount of damage their business has sustained, operators may need guidance on how to get help from local, state or national authorities. “If they need help, we can provide a list of people they can contact,” Sachs said.

Third, there is the potential availability of long-term assistance from the federal government. Sachs says he believes federal authorities are preparing to provide a large sum of assistance to help homeowners and possibly businesses as well in the rebuilding process. While it’s too soon to say how much aid the government will provide, Sachs said businesses may be eligible for low-interest loans or possibly grants for rebuilding.

Area residents undoubtedly will welcome the assistance—whatever the final amount is—as they seek to recover from a disaster that’s already claimed 13 lives and forced 8,400 people into shelters. The storms have damaged up to 40,000 homes and authorities have rescued some 30,000 people seeking to escape the high waters. For details on the storm, click here

For more on DCMC Partners, go to their website at dcmcpartners.com.