G&K Raises Workplace Safety Awareness

Posted June 26, 2015 at 10:59 am

Even the most safety-conscious employees can benefit from reminders about daily risks. During National Safety Month, G&K Services is taking the opportunity to educate businesses on standards and regulations to improve workplace safety, according to a news release. The company offers the following six Q&As to help businesses review precautionary procedures to reduce employee risk and ensure compliance.

  1. Does your staff have the appropriate safety accessories? Provide safety gear (hard hats, ear plugs, safety glasses and gloves), and make gear readily available to support compliance.
  2. Are dangerous areas clearly identified? Warning signs or floor mats with safety messages will prompt employees to take necessary precautions.
  3. Is a first-aid kit readily available? Adequate first-aid supplies, recommended by OSHA, should be readily available to treat potential workplace injuries, comply with ANSI standards, and frequently restocked.
  4. Are employees visible in low-light areas? Enhanced-visibility and high-visibility (ANSI-compliant) uniforms offer increased, critical visibility for employees who work in low-light or hazardous environments.
  5. Are electrical maintenance employees in flame-resistant or arc-rated apparel? Conduct a hazard risk assessment to determine the proper safety uniforms and other personal protective equipment (PPE).

“While workplace safety is always a high priority, National Safety Month provides a great opportunity to raise awareness of what it takes to prevent work-related injuries,” said Dave Euson, G&K’s vice president of marketing and sales. “We encourage businesses to conduct a safety review of their facilities and ask the right questions to reduce risks in several commonly overlooked areas.”

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