‘Greening’ F&B – Sustainable Launderers Can Help

Posted January 27, 2015 at 7:24 pm

Joseph Ricci, TRSA’s president and CEO, recently wrote an article for The National Restaurant Association (NRA) on the value of working with a sustainable laundry supplier to make a measurable environmental impact. The article Clean living: Selecting a sustainable laundry partner, is posted online at conserverestaurant.org.

For restaurateurs, outsourcing laundry services to a sustainable laundry partner can save both money and natural resources. Ricci writes that launderers pursue sustainability by implementing technologies that help them save water, electricity and natural gas. Commercial launderers also reuse textile products, with an emphasis on managing inventory to maximize product life. In addition, Ricci cites TRSA’s Clean Green certification program, which helps restaurateurs and other business operators select laundry partners that have demonstrated their commitment to sustainability through water and energy conservation, plant inspections and the implementation of various best-management practices.

Restaurateurs face challenges in seeking to shrink their environmental footprint, considering the multiple suppliers they work with, including food vendors, energy providers, and water and sanitation services. But Ricci points out the benefits of partnering with companies such as Clean Green laundries that demonstrate environmental leadership. He also offers highlights of the significant steps Clean Green launderers take to recover heat, recapture rinse water, use environmentally friendly detergents, deploy spill-prevention plans and more.

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