Healthcare Conference Keynoter Finalized

Posted July 28, 2014 at 4:49 pm

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TRSA Healthcare Conference to Feature Top Researcher on Impacts of Aging Consumers

Bruce Clark, DPH, a leading national authority on the healthcare, social, financial and marketing implications of the aging of America, will be the keynote speaker for TRSA’s Healthcare Conference, slated for Nov. 18-19 in San Diego.

Clark will offer insights on the impact on the healthcare market due to the steady increase in mature consumers’ portion of the U.S. population. Their cost-consciousness is expected to become a more significant driver of how health services are delivered as the post-healthcare-reform insurance market incentivizes them to consider more alternatives (clinics, doctor’s offices, surgery centers, hospitals, etc.) for less expensive care.

This promises to vary healthcare launderers’ workloads, perhaps reducing pounds of laundry needed to be processed for traditional providers who lose appointments and procedures, while adding opportunities to serve less costly facilities that emerge to meet this need. Dr. Clark is uniquely qualified to discuss the demographics of this shift, with his research-based knowledge about physicians, patients and healthcare organizations. As co-founder of Age Wave and Impact Presentations Group, he has changed the course of many of America's leading companies and influenced millions of professionals.

Among his most notable accomplishments are the critically acclaimed 20-part PBS series, "Caring for an Aging Society,” and a first-of-its-kind national study with Roper Worldwide focused on the healthcare implications of "the new mature consumer.”

Dr. Clark held senior management positions with the National Institutes of Health, California Department of Health Services, National Center for Health Education, Healthcare Forum and Healthcare Forum Journal. He has a doctorate in public health and a master’s degree in health administration from Loma Linda (CA) University.

In addition to the keynote speaker, the TRSA Healthcare Conference again offers general and breakout sessions on an array of specialized topics aimed at virtually every aspect of healthcare laundering. Presentations address the needs of laundry operators long dedicated to this market as well as those just getting started, enabling both to improve their business practices to translate healthcare industry growth to a better margin in their operations.

Topics emphasize key economic and technical developments prompting shifts in laundry practices, covering clinical trends and laundry technology, presented by professionals from the healthcare field and the textile services industry. Attendees gauge the impact on their businesses of changes in patient care delivery, materials management, certification, infection control, regulation, laundry production systems, textile products and more.

TRSA’s Healthcare Conference is recognized as the best networking opportunity of its kind in the industry, filled with textile services professionals from around the world most interested and invested in this type of work. No other conference attracts so many participants with such a deep financial stake in the healthcare laundry market.

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