HR, Marketing & Sales Committees Team Up on Recruiting

Posted May 6, 2022 at 1:33 pm

The TRSA Human Resources, and Marketing & Sales Committees recently announced plans to collaborate in developing a marketing-resource kit to aid HR and hiring managers in staff-recruitment efforts. These resources could include items such as a bilingual video that explains job descriptions, or social-media templates that members can customize to boost their respective outreach efforts on recruiting.

The first step is to gather input via a survey of HR, plant and hiring managers on what tools they’re using and what’s generating the most success for them. In addition, the survey will ask what new programs would provide the biggest boost to managers’ recruitment efforts.

The survey will ask HR, plant and hiring managers to complete a two-minute, six-question survey that will help the committees jump-start their drive to develop a resource kit to aid in staff-recruitment efforts. Questions? Contact TRSA staff liaison Susie Jackson at